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Through the study at WISPAD, I have found new ways and hope. Before I had many practical experiences, always felt that new problems arise time after time. Therefore we spent a lot of time solving those problems. Before I didn't realize that my own program design and operation models had problems. Through this study, I have deepened my understanding in operation and strategic management. At the same time I very much agreed with the case studies used, which have inspired us to know more about our own organization.
I'm especially impressed about the 3-year plan. It's what I had been looking for all these years but had never got such clear instruction on process until now.
Thanks WISPAD, hope to have more chance participating study here.
Program Director
Natural Disaster relief and Water sanitation programs





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The Wilberforce International School partners with academic institutions and universities in the Greater Boston area, and in its operational regions, to mutually support training and research activities in areas of international development and poverty alleviation. WISPAD also aims to collaborate with research centers to promote the exchange of effective public policies and innovative practices of public administration and governance around the world.  According to its unique approach that integrates professional instruction in public policy with solid ethical foundations, the School also pursues close collaborations with academic institutions focused on Biblical training and research. These mutually beneficial exchanges aim to stimulate greater integration of a solid moral framework into highly professional instruction in public policy and management.

Within the regional epicenters, WISPAD foments close partnerships with community-based organizations to enhance their effectiveness and social presence. These organizations also provide valuable support in identifying potential candidates for the School’s academic programs, who might belong to or be affiliated with these organizations. These partnerships also provide logistical support for the implementation of effective community programs by local organizations as they collaborate in logistical aspects related to WISPAD’s training operations.

The Wilberforce International School fosters close partnerships with non-profit and international organizations for the purpose of performing its specialized consulting services on specific managerial, organizational, and communicational skills. WISPAD works together with these institutions to enhance the performance of executives and officers in a wide variety of public agencies, social enterprises, and developmental organizations.

For further information regarding opportunities to serve with WISPAD through partnerships, please contact us.