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Boston - WISPAD's headquarters

Excellence in Academics and Research

According to WISPAD’s place of incorporation, its main headquarters are located in Boston, which defines the School as an American academic institution of international scope. The Wilberforce International School shares the vocation to excellence characteristic of other institutions located in the Greater Boston area dedicated to training in international development. The curricula that characterize WISPAD’s Programs are in line with those followed by other local prestigious universities; particularly its focus on analytical tools, managerial skills, and case-study practical instruction. The School also benefits from prime academic institutions devoted to Biblical training in Boston and New England. Its location and networking gives WISPAD access to specialized libraries, research resources, and technical databases that contribute to its high level of research in areas of international development. 

People with Devotion to Integrity and Effectiveness in Public Service

The strategic location of WISPAD’s headquarters grants it access to faculty and students with advanced professional training and vast experience in governmental and social enterprises. The active participation of some of these students and scholars in community-based organizations provides the School with a reliable source of collaborators, faculty, and researchers in key areas of its international operations.The Wilberforce International School also belongs to a network of community-based organizations with a long tradition of harmonizing ethical principles with social service in areas such as health care, education, and support to the poor and needy.

WISPAD’s strengths regarding its location and networking benefits from the background, training, and experience of its officers and directors within the Boston area. The School’s President and Vice-president have graduate and doctoral degrees from prime academic institutions, as well as work experience in some of Boston’s world-renowned research centers. In like manner, the School’s Board of Directors is constituted by highly trained individuals with local experience in public management and expertise in areas of financial services, law, and business administration. The training and work experience of the School’s officers and directors is combined with active involvement in community-based organizations, which harmonize effectiveness and integrity in public service.

Access to diverse sources of funding in the United States

The location of its headquarters in Boston gives WISPAD access to local, state, and federal sources of private and public funding in the United States, through specific venues related to the School’s training, research, and consulting operations.