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Through the study at WISPAD, I have found new ways and hope. Before I had many practical experiences, always felt that new problems arise time after time. Therefore we spent a lot of time solving those problems. Before I didn't realize that my own program design and operation models had problems. Through this study, I have deepened my understanding in operation and strategic management. At the same time I very much agreed with the case studies used, which have inspired us to know more about our own organization.
I'm especially impressed about the 3-year plan. It's what I had been looking for all these years but had never got such clear instruction on process until now.
Thanks WISPAD, hope to have more chance participating study here.
Program Director
Natural Disaster relief and Water sanitation programs





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The Wilberforce International School offers a wide range of opportunities to organizations to participate in and benefit from its developmental programs and services. These mutually strengthening collaborations include programmatic, consulting, admission, and logistically based partnerships. WISPAD works together with academic institutions and universities to support its training and research activities, and with community-based organizations to coordinate key logistical aspects related to its programs and services. The School also fosters close collaborations with non-profit and international organizations within its specialized consulting services directed to potentiate managerial and organizational skills of executives and officers. Read more…

WISPAD offers opportunities to young professionals to participate in the School’s vibrant programs through academic or administrative positions within its operational regions. Academic career opportunities include full-time faculty positions as a Professor/Researcher (PR). These positions attract highly trained young faculty with a Ph.D. in public policy or related areas, and with interests in issues related to international development and poverty alleviation. Read more…

Part-time involvement in training programs corresponds to the opportunities that WISPAD offers to Guest Lecturers (GLs). A GL generally holds an academic position in a prestigious institution. GLs also attract officers with reputed governmental experience who have distinguished themselves by integrating effectiveness and integrity in public service, in line with WISPAD’s main vision.  Read more…

Although WISPAD is not directly involved in fundraising campaigns and activities, it offers different venues for individuals and organizations to contribute to its main goals and purposes. Tax-exempt financial contributions might be directed to support WISPAD general operations, or to provide support via scholarships, research grants, and the financing of specific developmental projects. Read more…

For further information regarding opportunities to serve with WISPAD, as a PR, GL, or through partnerships or contributions, please contact us.