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Where WISPAD Serves

WISPAD’s headquarters are located in Boston, sharing in the drive for excellence in training and research characteristic of academic institutions within the greater Boston area. This unique location gives the Wilberforce International School access to valuable sources of highly trained and devoted collaborators, faculty, and researchers to sustain the School’s main international operations. These advantages are manifested in the specialized training, expertise, and networking of WISPAD’s officers and directors, who have graduate and doctoral degrees, as well as extended experience in public service, law, finance, education, health care, and business in the Boston area. Read more…

China is the first area of the School’s international operations with its regional bases in Beijing and Hong Kong. WISPAD aims to train Chinese public and social servants and to advance research oriented to increase the levels of subjective well-being, promote social harmony, and strengthen the political institutions of China. The Wilberforce International School addresses conditions of inequality in China’s main urban centers, and of poverty in its rural provinces, aggravated by the greatest migratory flow in human history. Read more…

The Wilberforce International School envisions areas of further services in India, as well as specific countries in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Bengaluru serves as the center for the School’s operations in India; Johannesburg, South Africa, for its developmental work on the African continent; Caracas, Venezuela, for WISPAD's services and programs in Latin America, and Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, for its professional training and research in the Middle East. Read more…