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classroomThe Wilberforce International School aims to equip public and social servants with the means to address conditions of poverty and inequality, through instruction in the following main areas: public service skills, analytical tools, practical policy training in specific areas of development, and the corresponding integration of these fields with the ethical framework that derives from Biblical values and beliefs. These areas of instruction are offered within the School's Workshop, Certificate, and Executive Programs, which are all taught in English and Chinese.  Read more ...


libaryWISPAD endeavors to gather and integrate its own research into that advanced by other institutions committed to the analysis of policies and programs related to poverty alleviation and development around the world. Through the collection and development of case studies, the School seeks to become a storehouse of knowledge about successful problem-solving from local, regional and national experiences. Read more ...


Hong KongIn conjunction with the research activities of the School, WISPAD also provides professional advice in public policies to non-profit organizations, governmental institutions, and international agencies.  The main consulting activities encompass staff training, policy problem analysis, and policy design and evaluation with a special focus on international development. Read more ...