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"It was such a blessing to be here with you. In these past few months, I’ve had a strong feeling of lacking capacity and feeling insufficient to my task, and thus have been thirsting for some additional training to build capacity and knowledge for both myself and my teammates. I was so thankful when I found out about WISPAD. It’s been so encouraging to get a professional perspective and introduction to this work I have been called to, and to get honest and open perspectives from other organizations."

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Whom WISPAD serves


Students and Young Professionals

WISPAD’s programs serve students and young professionals with completed undergraduate degrees interested in public service related to the alleviation of poverty and inequality, as well as international development. Without requiring previous experience in government, WISPAD’s Certificate Program meets the needs of students and young professionals seeking an introduction to public policy. The Program provides short training and fast immersion in specific tools for successful policy analysis and implementation, as well as managerial skills for effective and principled public governance.

The Wilberforce International School provides a more comprehensive and rigorous training to students and young professionals through its Master’s Degree Program, which is also designed for candidates with completed undergraduate degrees. The Master’s Degree responds to the needs of those with a vocation to become agents of sustainable development in communities and countries challenged by increased levels of poverty and inequality. Given this emphasis, WISPAD grants special priority to candidates from such areas with previous involvement in community service.

Executives and Officers

WISPAD caters to the demands of executives, officers and managers with extended experience in governmental agencies, international organizations, and social enterprises. The Workshop Program is designed to further develop managerial and organizational skills in conjunction with a multidisciplinary understanding of ethical factors that affect decision-making processes in complex policy scenarios. The Workshops respond to the specific needs of executives and officers with demanding responsibilities in various public organizations by providing fast and comprehensive immersion in specific skills oriented to improve the efficiency and integrity of their performance.

Non-profits, International Organizations and Governmental Agencies

The Wilberforce International School provides specialized technical and professional support to a variety of non-profit, international and governmental organizations to improve their performance and governance, as well as the effectiveness of their public programs. The School's main Consulting Services involve staff training, policy problem analysis, as well as policy design and evaluation.