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I have attended various trainings over the past years but this one stood out as the most special and relevant, as it so nicely filled a serious gap in my knowledge and skills. What I learned from this workshop far exceeded my expectation, and I so much enjoyed the intellectual, professional and ethical stimulation that this rigorous training has offered me.  I am going to stick with WISPAD to learn all the relevant and useful tools and skills that I need to have in order to become a truly capable development professional.
Workshop participant
National program officer
International organization
Beijing office





WISPAD is an academic institution with international scope devoted to professional training, research, and consulting in areas of international development.  The School combines analytical instruction for the design and implementation of successful public policies with innovative managerial skills for public administration and governance. This advanced professional training builds upon solid ethical foundations from Biblical principles and values. It is inspired by the legacy of excellence, effectiveness, and integrity of William Wilberforce’s public service as a member of the British Parliament during the early 19th century.  Read more ...


WISPAD’s mission has been refined through the experience of its founders in governmental agencies and non-profit organizations in less developed countries, and through their academic training and research experience in well-known academic institutions in the United States and abroad. Through Master’s and Ph.D. studies the founders crafted WISPAD’s structural and functional frameworks and defined its unique integration of Biblical ethical frameworks with decision-making models for public policies. The process of mission refinement crystalized with the formal incorporation of WISPAD in June 2010, as an academic institution devoted to train, research, and consult in international development. Read more ...


The directors, faculty, and officers at the Wilberforce International School have advanced training and experience in areas of public policy, public and environmental health, political science, advanced empirical methods, and law. They also have extensive experience in well-known research institutions as well as in governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. WISPAD’s Board of Directors includes individuals with wide-ranging experience and training in government, public financing, law, and business, which are valuable assets to the School’s own governance and to the fulfillment of its mission.  Read more ...


In line with WISPAD’s mission to prepare individuals and support organizations for excellence, effectiveness, and integrity in public service, the School equips young professionals and agencies to address today’s development challenges. WISPAD grants to individuals and organizations access to a reservoir of advanced analytical tools for policy analysis and implementation, as well as innovative practices in public administration and governance. Its unique approach incorporates cutting-edge multidisciplinary methodologies integrating neurobehavioral studies with processes of decision making and preference formation associated with higher levels of subjective well-being, and with socioeconomic and political development.  Read more ...