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The Strategic Non-profit Management course is an excellent high-level overview applying established management theory to the non-profit segment. Attending this course has both inspired new ideas for me as well as validated understanding that I’ve been developing in the last year since assuming the directorship of my organization.
It’s a real blessing to know that gifted minds with generous hearts in WISPAD provide much needed resources to organizations genuinely serving to improve lives and foster community in China.
Workshop Participant
Community Health Services
Hong Kong






Excellence, Effectiveness, and Integrity in Public Service

The Wilberforce International School provides an answer to today’s challenges of socioeconomic and institutional development by preparing public and social servants in advanced professional skills for careers in public service with distinction and probity. WISPAD’s main strength corresponds to the harmonization of a rigorous training in the most advanced analytical tools and managerial skills required for the successful implementation of public policy with an ethical dimension that emphasizes honesty, dignity, and humility in public and social service. The School employs a cutting-edge methodology that incorporates the micro-level perspective of neurobehavioral studies with the macro-level dimension provided by global data in order to underscore factors of developmental preferences and behaviors.

ClassExpanding Career Horizons in Public Policy and Governance

WISPAD’s Programs aim to broaden career opportunities for its candidates by granting them access to a highly specialized level of instruction characteristic of top international academic institutions. The School is committed to enhance the professional placement of its students into governmental agencies, international organizations, and social enterprises devoted to international development.

ClassAffordable World-class Instruction for Sustainable Development

The School’s training is fully completed in or near the home countries of the participants. This approach gives students access to specialized and rigorous instruction from an American academic institution with substantially lower tuition, travel, and living expenses as compared to similar programs in the United States or Europe.

Training Tailored to Local Developmental Needs

WISPAD prepares students in their respective countries or regions in skills and tools required to address local developmental challenges. This form of localized training equips students to better understand and confront the perils of poverty and inequality specific to their provinces and regions.

ClassHands-on Practical Approach from Best Global Practices

Based on case studies drawn from global lessons, WISPAD’s hands-on practical exercises build key tools and skills for the analysis and implementation of public policies according to real-world needs. The Programs prepare cohesive teams of students from locations with similar geopolitical needs or public policy interests to promote socioeconomic and institutional growth.

ClassA Knowledge Storehouse of International Development

The Wilberforce International School advances, gathers and integrates its own research with that of other institutions committed to the analysis of policies and programs related to poverty alleviation and development around the world. Through the design and collection of case studies, the School endeavors to become a storehouse of knowledge about successful public policies drawn from diverse local, regional, and national experiences.

ClassAdvanced Professional Advice for Principled Public Service

WISPAD’s consulting services offer professional advice that harmonizes cutting-edge analytical tools and managerial skills for the design and implementation of effective public policies with solid ethical foundations aimed to support organizations and agencies committed to international development.