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Fiscal Policy

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Further Horizons

Promoting alleviation of poverty

WISPAD’s further areas of service include India, as well as specific countries in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. The first phase of expansion of the School’s operations into these regions corresponds to its training operations through the Certificate and Workshop programs. Starting with training in analytical tools and managerial skills for public administration, the Certificates and Workshops aim to develop the basis for the progressive expansion of WISPAD’s training and research operations. This involves professional instruction in specific areas tailored to promote regional development and alleviate conditions of poverty and inequality. The School’s consulting services aim to cater to the specific analytical, managerial and organizational needs of different developmental agencies, as well as non-profit, and international organizations devoted to regional efforts of integral development and poverty alleviation.

With its base in the city of Bengaluru, the projected operations of the School in India particularly focus on the conditions of poverty and inequality characteristic of the vast portion of its population, as in the case of the Dalit.

Johannesburg, South Africa, serves as WISPAD’s platform for its projected expansion into Africa. These operations aim to support local and regional organizations involved in developmental and poverty alleviation programs across the African continent.

With its base in Caracas, Venezuela, the Wilberforce International School endeavors to provide training and research to mitigate conditions of poverty and inequality, and promote socioeconomic and institutional development in Latin America.

WISPAD’s operations in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, aim to support local and regional organizations involved in efforts of integral development, as in the case of different agencies providing help to poor migrant workers from different countries in the Middle East and Asia.