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WISPAD’s consulting services aim to provide specialized technical and professional support to non-profit organizations, governmental institutions and international agencies in the analysis, design, and implementation of public policies. The main consulting activities of the School involve staff training, policy problem analysis, as well as policy design and evaluation.

Staff Training

WISPAD offers staff training to organizations, institutions and agencies in skills, tools and case studies specifically tailored to their organizational needs. This training also takes advantage of WISPAD’s unique multidisciplinary approach for highly professional instruction in areas of public policy and management.

Policy Analysis and Design

The Wilberforce International School provides consulting in the analysis of specific challenges that public organizations and social enterprises face in areas of social, economic and institutional development. Furthermore, WISPAD offers professional advice in the design and development of policies tailored to address the operations and performance of various organizations, with particular emphasis on the optimization of public services and the design of policies on health care and environmental health, sanitation, nutrition, housing, urban planning, education and job creation.

Policy  Evaluation

WISPAD provides professional and technical support in assessing the efficiencies of specific policies, and performs evaluations of alternatives directed to increase the performance and efficacy of developmental programs and public policies.