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WISPAD’s Unique Multidisciplinary Approach

WISPAD integrally trains public and social servants in the skills and tools needed to analyze, design, and implement public policies in the context of a solid ethical framework that promotes excellence, honesty, and effectiveness in public service. This unique multidisciplinary approach provides a convergence of highly professional instruction on managerial skills, analytical tools, and empirical methods with a practical perspective based on case studies and real-world examples. The professional and practical training in areas of public administration and international development is combined with a solid Biblical ethical formation that equips today’s public and social servants to address emerging challenges of poverty and inequality in less developed countries. These areas of instruction are offered within WISPAD’s Certificate, Workshop, and Master's Degree Programs.

classroomTraining in the Analysis and Design of Effective Developmental Policies

WISPAD’s training involves formal instruction in tools for policy analysis, such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, modeling, and dynamic strategic planning. The analytical power of these advanced tools is specifically focused on policy scenarios concerning poverty alleviation and international development. In line with WISPAD’s unique multidisciplinary approach, the core courses on policy analysis and design integrate mathematical modeling and empirical methods with the behavioral assessment of main developmental factors.

classroomTraining in the Successful Implementation of Developmental Policies

WISPAD offers professional instruction in legal, financial, and managerial skills necessary for strategic management of public and private enterprises. This area of training also builds  organizational, communicational, and negotiating strengths indispensable for the successful implementation of public policies. The instruction WISPAD offers on managerial and communicational skills incorporates the analysis of neurobehavioral factors that play a key role in decision-making processes and in the formation of developmental preferences.

classroomComprehensive Practical Policy Exercises

WISPAD’s multidisciplinary approach also relies on practical exercises that harmonize analytical and empirical evaluations of public policies with managerial and communicational strategies required for the successful implementation of developmental projects. The practical exercises are tailored to specific current needs of less developed regions, countries and communities that form the main focus of WISPAD’s operations. This practical training is combined with an applied understanding of the effect that specific preferences and behaviors have on decision-making processes, as they relate to increased levels of individual wellbeing, as well as social, political and economic development.