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I have attended various trainings over the past years but this one stood out as the most special and relevant, as it so nicely filled a serious gap in my knowledge and skills. What I learned from this workshop far exceeded my expectation, and I so much enjoyed the intellectual, professional and ethical stimulation that this rigorous training has offered me.  I am going to stick with WISPAD to learn all the relevant and useful tools and skills that I need to have in order to become a truly capable development professional.
Workshop participant
National program officer
International organization
Beijing office



Beijing, China
Earthquake Relief
Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Beijing, China
Cambridge and Boston
Boston, Massachusetts


William WilberforceWISPAD

The Wilberforce International School of Poverty Alleviation and Development (WISPAD) trains public and social servants, conducts research, and provides professional advice on public policies for poverty alleviation and development. The Wilberforce International School offers a unique approach that integrates advanced managerial skills, policy analysis, and implementation tools with a solid ethical framework derived from specific values and morals. WISPAD’s professional and ethical training aims to support the developmental efforts of individuals, communities, nonprofit, and governmental organizations in countries with lower levels of political or economic development.

A Paradigm of Excellence, Effectiveness, and Integrity in Public Service

WISPAD identifies with the devotion to aiding the destitute, and the vocation of integrity in public service, exemplified by William Wilberforce (1759–1833) during his political career as a Member of the British Parliament. Prominent fruits of his distinguished political career include the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807, of slavery from the British Empire in 1833, as well as profound and lasting social reforms in England. WISPAD’s dedication to alleviating conditions of poverty and inequality forms the basis of its instruction for excellence, effectiveness, and integrity in public service. Read more…

Devotion to Poverty Alleviation and International Development

William WilberforceWISPAD trains public and social servants in skills and tools for analyzing, designing, and implementing public policies. Its unique multidisciplinary approach provides a convergence of highly professional instruction in managerial skills, analytical tools, and empirical methods. This instruction is combined with a practical perspective based on case studies and real-world examples. The Wilberforce International School’s ongoing research on skills, methodologies, and specific policies focuses on developmental needs of countries with large populations enduring poverty and inequality. WISPAD’s consulting services aim to provide specialized technical and professional support to non-profit organizations, governmental institutions, and international agencies in the analysis, design, and implementation of developmental public policies. Read more…

Professional Instruction for Public Service with Excellence and Integrity

William WilberforceCommitment to distinction and probity in public service forms the core of WISPAD's specialized academic instruction provided through its Certificate and Workshop Programs. The intensive courses of the Certificate Program are mainly tailored to young professionals and students with completed undergraduate degrees, who are interested in exploring and developing foundational skills and capabilities for a career in public service. The Workshop Program is specifically designed for executives, officers, and managers with expertise in governmental and international institutions, as well as in social enterprises, non-profit, and other non-governmental organizations. Read more…